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This February and March HIIT and CORE challenge is designed to make you sweat, build endurance, burn some calories and strengthen the core (mid-section). You get all those results in just 20 mins each day. If you wish to to achieve any of these results, then this is for you!!!

How to get started: Send me an email (with the subject: Interested) and phone number to

Start and end date: Starts February 22 - March 21, 2021

This challenge comes with a recommended meal plan. 

To track your results, be sure to take your before and after pictures (example of images attached). Click this link or copy and paste in your browser.

Also follow me on Instagram @gijahfitness_lifestyle and Facebook @gijahlifestyle. Be sure to check out how each exercise is done on my FB ad IG pages before you start the challenge.

Last but not least, be sure to tag me in your sessions.  #gijahhiitcore challenge #inthebag #gijahlifestyle, #gijahfitness #coreandhiitchallenge #winningtogether.

When the program is completed, I invite all participants to leave a review by sharing their Gijah experience throughout this challenge! Thank you

Happy sweating, let's WIN together!!!!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jazz Virgo
Best Fitness Trainer Ever!!

I enjoyed this challenge, Gijah kept me motivated. I looked forward to getting my meals and workout in everyday. If you want results effortlessly, Gijah is the trainer for you.

Great way to start off weight loss journey

I haven’t workout in over 10 years, I always found some excuse not to. I decided to try Gijah hit and core challenge and it was amazing, she gave me that push that I needed in a supportive way with great meal plan ideas. At first I wasn’t able to lift myself off the floor to do a plank but now I must say that I can. I don’t find excuses not to workout anymore I make it become a part of my daily routine. I will continue even after the challenge. Thanks Gijah!!

Janice Smith
Hint and Core Challenge

Exercise great, meal plan great, but the best part for me is the support and encouragement from Gijah as well as the energy she creates in her fitness community. Thank you Gijah. Fabulous experience!

Sasha-Gay Jordon
Rewarding experience!!

Gijah workout and meal plans are awesome! She got me sweating and feeling rejuvenated. I would encourage anyone who is looking to start their workout regime to give GIJAH fitness a try. You will definitely see results. I have lost 4lbs so far....and I feel amazing!! Thank you GIJAH #gijahfitness #gijahworkout #lifestylechanges #inthebag

Keane Campbell
Amazing Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the encounter with the Giah HIIT & Core Challenge. At the start I struggled with the skipping and I find myself doing 2 sets of 125 skips. I was able to push my body beyond its limits. I have been on a weightloss journey for two years now, and lost 64 lbs but plateaued with stubborn belly fat. As a result of the GIAH HIIT Core Challenge, I was able to lose most of that fat and less of belly hangs over my belt. Thank you Arcadia for accepting my request to join your challenge. I will continue even after the challenge to rid my body of its belly fat. ⁶I am now down 10 amazing pounds. Again, I thank you.