Get To Know Gijah

I am Arcadia O’Brien, a God fearing mother, wife, and advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. I am a Jamaican Canadian. GIJAH was inspired by the lifestyle I adapted before and after the birth of my child, as well as, the meaning behind the name and the power it embodies. In designing the logo it was inspired by areas of my lifestyle such as Fitness, Family, Faith, Finance and Food. 

I strive to help young mothers and women master, self discipline, consistency and self control. Deep soul search and realization of my purpose, as revealed to me that once I master these three techniques, it filters down into other areas of my life, and results must come. This is the recipe to WIN (Work, Improve, Nurture) and achieve the best version of self. This is the inspiration and impact I want to leave on my community. 

Fitness is the leading piece behind the brand, however, I see other aspects finding its way to make the brand more holistic and a true reflection of my lifestyle. I am a former contestant in the 2008 Miss Jamaica World pageant. This experience helped to develop my passion as well as self control for healthier choices when it comes to meals and being active. Before the birth of my son, I was also very active in the gym. I also a Netball player since high school and an active member of Checkers Netball Association in Vancouver, where I currently reside. Through these activities I have developed a level of discipline, consistency and self control that continue to filter into other areas of my life. mastering of these techniques not only helps with the physical, but it strengthens you mentally and spiritually. It was such experiences which made it easier to shed my baby weight after a C-section in 2019 and back to desired BMI within a year of the birth of my child. If anyone knows how to help you to achieve your goals, take it from a mother who has been there and done it.

I WIN, and I invite you to share in this experience, the Gijah way- Consistency, Discipline and Control the recipe for success.